John Wheeler FitnessOne

Toronto ON Canada

John Wheeler Understands The Importance Of Health And Wellness

August 14, 2015
John Wheeler understands just how important health and wellness can be to a person. He has seen it play out in the lives of numerous individuals over the course of his life. He is somewhat obsessed with the subject, having seen how much of a difference it can make for others. This is partially why John Wheeler founded FitnessOne in Toronto, Canada. This is a full service activity centre that allows people the chance not only to work out, but to actually be active. This means working their entire bodies, instead of just isolated groups of muscles. John Wheeler insisted on putting together a set of interactive programs and activities which members could enroll in—and they have taken advantage of the opportunity.
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John Wheeler Emphasizes On Living Healthy

May 12, 2015
Once he determined that he was going to create FitnessOne in Toronto, John Wheeler set about determining what would be included in the state-of-the-art facility. He finally concluded that FitnessOne simply could not go without a yoga room. This space was designed to be serene and quiet and it has accomplished that by all accounts. John Wheeler understands how important overall wellness is to physical health and he wants members at FitnessOne to be able to accomplish both in the same space. John Wheeler has emphasized over and over again that the goal is living healthy and improving on a member's wellness, not simply losing weight.